Unique Gift Ideas for Best Friend (Under $25)

Best friend is that special person who is there with you side by side in all your silly, humorous, emotional and crazy moments. The person who really gets you!. Even though this is someone everyone wants but it is not someone everyone simply gets. This is why it is important to show appreciation for this special person every chance you get. Special occasions or not, whatever is the reason for your gift, here is my list of ‘unique gift ideas for best friend’.

Unique gift ideas for best friend (Under $25)

Unique Gift Ideas For Best Friend
Unique Gift Ideas For Best Friend

We share so many secrets and even embarrassing moments with our friends. Since we know them so well, we also know what hurts them. Hair at unwanted places is unpleasantness that we women just can’t seem to get rid of enough. The pain that comes with removing hair is dreadful and the process messy. This why this Mini Travel Size 18K Gold-Plated Painless with LED Light is perfect gift idea for best friend as it removes hair painlessly and works on not just the hair on lip, but also on the peach fuzz on the cheeks.

It is also hypoallergenic and claims to keep even the most sensitive skin irritation free.


Unique Gift ideas for Best Friend- LED Vanity Mirror

I am so happy I found these!. If your friend loves to wear makeup then most probably she will appreciate a LED Lighted mirror that takes her make up time to a whole new fashionista level. Check out the LED Lighted Vanity Mirror or the HAMSWAN LED Beauty Mirror. Both have three panels, touch screen on and off button and the mirror stands by itself on the table.


Unique Gift ideas for Best Friend- iPad Case

Next up on my list the iPad Pro 12.9 Case. Everyone has a iPad tablet or a kindle etc. nowadays. This one is specifically for iPads but you can also find one depending on what type of tablet your best friend has. There are simpler ones in the market that just do the job. However, choose something that is also functional.

The iPad Pro 12.9 Case is made with premium PU leather exterior and soft micro-fiber interior, that provides a firm grip and durability. Interior card slots help carry multiple cards like credit cards, commuter pass,  id cards etc. It also has a hand strap that makes it easy to carry around. The hand strap also makes it easier to carry with just one hand.

The Ipad Pro Case ColorsThis case also has a pen holder that can be used for holding a stylus as well.


Gift ideas for Best Friend- Make up Organizers

We all love makeup and truth be told our drawers are full of makeup items that we don’t really use because we never seem to find them when we need it. Help your friend organize her makeup so she can see what all she owns, and use it too. Plus, the makeup organizers really look very pretty on the vanity table.

Featured below Jerrybox Makeup Organizer 360-Degree RotatingVintage Makeup Organizer with Free White PearlsPlastic Makeup Palette Organizer and Plastic Makeup Palette Organizer

These all hold a lot of makeup. You can go big or small, depending on your budget. These are all under $25.



Creative Gift Ideas for Best Friend- Mugs

A mug with a funny quote to tickle your best friend’s funny bone is also a great idea. Some of my faves are below

Love all the Funny Quotes on these mugs- “Classy, Sassy & A Bit Smart Assy , “I Don’t Spew Profanities Ceramic Coffee Mug“,  “Best Friend to Bitch With Mug”  and “I Do What I Want Funny Coffee Mug“.

The mugs can also be inspirational and cute! perfect for those creative gift ideas for best friend.



Love these Surprise Cat Coffee MugBest Friends Stoneware Gift Mug and You’re Awesome Ceramic Mug.


Gift Ideas for Best Friend – Bags

Every woman loves bags. I think they play a big part in really complementing an outfit. I am one of those people that does not step out without a bag of some kind in my hand to carry all my stuff. These bags look classy styled with even a simple jeans and top Cross Body for WomenLightweight Medium Crossbody Bag with TasselGEARONIC Women Handbag Tote BagCovelin Quilting Envelope Cross Body Shoulder BagScarleton Decorative Front Belt Crossbody BagSmall Fringe Crossbody Bag . These are all very nice as a gift idea for best friend!



Gift Ideas for Best Friend – Bracelets

A piece of jewelry always puts a smile on a woman’s face. Bracelets go beautifully with most outfits, especially the charm bracelets that can be color coordinated. Unlike necklace and earrings, bracelets are always in front of your eyes. This way, I feel the wearer will always have you in mind, and they will appreciate the gift more too.


All these bracelets –Purple Glass Crystal Charm BraceletAlex and Ani Birthstone Bangle BraceletBest Friends Bracelet and Stainless Steel Cuff Bangle Bracelet are very pretty.


Unique Gift Ideas for Best Friend – Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes with nice quotes will always remind your friend of you whenever they see it. They are one of those gifts that last a lifetime. Below is Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box , I love the two angels design on this one.



Unique Gift Ideas for Best Friend – Wall Plaques

Wall plaques offer so much creativity. So many different quotes ranging from funny to sentimental, they are fun and convey the feelings as well. Here are two of my faves Primitives By Kathy Box Sign, Good Friends and Primitives by Kathy Box Sign.


Do you have any other unique gift ideas for your best friend?

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