Best Plaid Scarves 2017 [Pictures]

Plaid is the hottest trend of this season. So it is no wonder that the tartan pattern trend has caught my eye as well. I still do love my single color scarves but I am really too tempted by all these different plaid scarves. The patterns and colors draw attention to the winter outfits, that otherwise, sometimes, can seem pretty monotone with respect to color schemes.

Plaid Scarves Winter 2017

Pretty Plaid Pop of Color

These ones are pretty similar if you think about the pattern but the play of colors make them interesting to the eye. These all add something interesting to these outfits. There is something about the plaid pattern with darker colors that makes them seem so warm, or is it just me? The Chicnico Soft Multicolor Plaid Scarf is soft but still adds a richness to the simple black and white outfit. The Chicnico Ava Scarf gives off a more rugged look. The Nordstrom Plaid Scarf is a vibrant with it’s deep and light mix of colors.


Minimalist Plaid Inspiration

I also found some minimalist inspiration in plaid scarves. Most plaid scarves tend to have a busy look. So if you are into a softer look then these all might be your take on plaid perfection. The Banana Republic Plaid Small Square Silk Scarf is the simplest one, made out of silk. I think this one is for some special occasions because this one will not dispense much warmth on a freezing cold day. The Tory Burch Brushed Shetland Plaid Scarf has artistic lines and colors, very pretty. The David & Young Plaid Scarf has a very soft and pleasing look.

The Target -Sylvia Alexander Plaid Fashion Scarf – Beige , Dresslily Chic Fringed Edge Plaid Pattern Scarf    and Sylvia Alexander Plaid Scarf – Taupe all have a similar look with broad patterns and a light touch of fringe on the borders. For me, these are more ideal for daytime wear.



Fringe, Fringe & Some More Fringe!

Am I the only one who thinks fringe makes everything look so feminine and delicate and cute…  Rebecca Minkoff Mouline Fringe Triangle Scarf  does look like a fringe overload, but that makes it look so luxe. I am not complaining!. FOREVER 21 Colorblock Plaid Fringe Oblong Scarf  has thicker and longer woolen fringe This one certainly stands out from the rest. I would like to wear it in a different style though to accentuate the fringe.

While the fringe on the above three makes them look more fuller, the fringe on the and Ula Johnson Plaid Scarf gives it a lighter feel.




Plaid Shawls and Detailing

In the end there are a few others that caught my attention. These can be worn as scarves or shawls, with beautiful prints or tassel detailing. Urban Outfitters Fuzzy Plaid Scarf  has beautiful mix of colors. The  slight fringe and the textured fabric, almost like appliques, on Anthropologie Textured Plaid Scarf is mesmerizing. This scarf , for me, is worth wearing in a style that shows it’s full glory, not to be twisted and wrapped around!

The Charter Club Floral-Over-Plaid Blanket Wrap & Scarf is a cool mix of plaid and print. It is the one I would reach out for special occasions or going out to parties.  The Jamie Brushed Plaid Ruana shines in it’s simplicity and smooth colors.

Which one will  be your Winter 2017 Style statement?

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