The Most Ingenious Ways to Multiply Cash Backs

This is the only way to make sure I get all the cash back possible for every dollar I spend on food, entertainment or shopping. I will use these tips every time I shop now.
The most ingenious ways to multiply your cash backs

Cash back deals are everywhere from grocery deals to clothes and even over-the counter- medicine. But is the cash back you get on these deals, really is the maximum you can get back?

After reading this article you would know exactly how to ace the cash back game by multiplying cash backs through various sites/ apps. So read on..

The cash back sites are all into what is called an ‘Affiliate Network’, that means these sites take advantage of the commissions offered by several retailers for  driving traffic to their websites or stores. Some of these affiliate sites share commissions with their users in the form of cash backs for using their website to shop at the affiliate retailers.

Now that you may (or may not) have an idea about where I am going with this. These tips below are sure to bring more cash back to your wallets…or purses!

Have you tried this ingenious way to multiply cash back on food & grocery deliveries?

I am going to assume you are a food lover! Even if you are not, just follow along with me here ..and maybe this cash back ace can restore your love for eating out/ in without breaking the Bank.

I am going to cover the eating in/ out part here first, and then move on to the groceries.

Multiply cash backs on Eating In:

There are a lot of food delivery sites that come to mind when thinking of ordering in. I have personally become a fan of one such site that not only gives points on food orders but laundry and even liquor delivery as well, and I  have recently started to use it more because it is on ibotta.

Each time I order food, I first log in to my ibotta  account and click on the offer. At the time of writing this article ibotta is offering 2.5% cash back on all purchases.

Once you click on the link from ibotta app, you will navigated to where you can place your order as usual. ibotta navigation will also prompt you to open the merchants app if you already have it installed on your phone. It does take some time for ibotta to calculate the earned cash back but rest assured it is never missed. Once you have placed your order and exit the merchant’s site/ app, ibotta will let you know that it will pay you upon confirmation that you placed an order on the merchant site.

No matter which site you use, chances are you will earn points for customer loyalty. Each sites pays points that can be redeemed as a cash discount on future orders. These points will be all that you would get out of your food order if you didn’t use the affiliate website to earn extra 2.5% cash back on your order.

This might not seem much at first, but when you see your cash back accumulate to $15..$20 ..etc. you would wish you knew this earlier.

Multiply cash backs on Eating Out

I use OpenTable to make reservations when my family is eating out (Read my previous article to learn how I make the maximum points on Open Table to earn my $50 coupon fast).

OpenTable offers points for making restaurant reservations through their site. But just as we did above, this time I log into first to check out the cash back on local restaurants. (If you don’t know how I use to make extra money every month watching videos, answering surveys, running apps and doing regular shopping on it, then you must read my article about Swagbucks that will guide you on how to use the site.)

Swagbucks local has a lot of restaurants with cash back deals so we almost always find a good restaurant on it.

We try to find a restaurant that is on both- OpenTable and Swagbucks local. This way we not only earn points on OpenTable that goes towards the $50 for 5000 points restaurants coupon, but also earn cash back at the same time on Yay!

The cash back on Swagbucks local vary from 7 Swagbucks points per dollar to even 10 Swagbucks points per dollar. This adds up fast!

Multiply cash backs on Groceries:

I love to use ibotta and Checkout 51 for earning cash back on my grocery shopping. But I also order groceries online on and etc.

Checkout 51 does not offer cash back on online grocery purchases so I turn to iBotta again to help me earn cash back on these sites. always has some promotions going on so I check all the deals first before I start shopping.

At the time of writing this post, iBotta is offering 10% cash back on all purchases on and i.e. $10 for every $100 you spend!

Have you tried this ingenious way to multiply cash back on Shopping?

You might have heard about that offers cash back when you make a purchase through them on a merchant site. (Earn $10 for signing up on

The cash back differs depending on the merchant.

Ebates has been in the industry for a long time and has almost every retailer possible in it’s network. I check before I make purchase at any retailer like Macys, Jcrew etc. Ebates also highlights any deals at the merchant on the page, which makes it easier to take advantage of merchant promotions.

The cash back I earn on ebates is in addition to points I earn on store cards from the merchants. For instance, if I shop on, I use to go to the loft store website and shop as regular using my loft credit card.

Another way I multiply cash back on shopping is through Although, to redeem cash backs on you must sign up for

MygiftCardPlus is a gift card site that is owned by Swagbucks. It offers gift cards for department stores, electronics, flower delivery, etc. When you buy a gift card you receive a cash back as Swagbucks points which can be later redeemed for various other gift cards such as Amazon, Starbucks etc. or Paypal cash out.

    Have you tried this ingenious way to multiply cash back on Movies?

I also use MygiftCardPlus to buy AMC gift cards! this way I earn cash back every time I watch a movies. At the moment the cash back offered is 5%!

On top of all the above sites I use to multiply my cash backs, I also have a Bank credit card that gives me cash back for everyday purchases :).

I do purposely try to use only a few cash back sites so that my cash back adds up faster. This way I can redeem my cash back faster from these sites as most sites have a minimum threshold for redemption.

Taking all the above into consideration, I rarely make a purchase without any cash back deal on it. I am always looking for deals and ways to maximize the cash backs on my purchases and I will keep add more ingenious ways to maximize cash backs as I come across them.

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Disclosure: Please note that this post contains affiliate links which means when you make a purchase through one of these links I get a kick back with no charge to you. This helps me earn a commission to keep my blog running without affecting my budget :). 

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