Gifts That Every Mother Needs

Be it birthday, Christmas, anniversary, mothers day or any other occasion that matters, there is one person that I am most excited to buy a gift for- my mother! Whenever I gift something to my mother, I always want it to be special, not necessarily what is trending in fashion at the moment, that one I might save for my sister or my best friend, but it definitely has to be something that she would really use. There sure are gifts every mother needs, and here in this post I share some ideas with you that will help you buy a gift for your mother. This list is Amazon friendly and fits all occasions!

Gifts Every Mother Needs

Gifts that Mothers Really Needs

Pamper Your Mother- Bath Bombs

Mothers do so much for us- listening to our sob stories, not judging us for any mistakes and giving us unconditional love, they deserved to be pampered. I love giving my mother bath bombs in her favorite scents. The bath bombs come in such a variety of colors and fragrances, it is so much fun to shop. She usually stores them in a glass container by the bath-tub. They add to the decor of her bathroom, as well as make her bath time feel like spa at home.

The Appleaves Bath Bombs Set is natural, organic and handmade, and good for natural to dry skin. The LifeAround2Angels set is not only pretty but they are therapeutic and moisturizing. The Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set is unique and has some interesting scents, that you should probably read before deciding on this one. I know for sure that my mother would laugh out reading the names on some of these!


Gifts Every Mother Needs – Pampering Scrubs

And speaking of pampering and spa I must include the Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Essential Oil. Made with high quality Himalayan sea salt, this does not only smell great, it also helps reduce muscle cramps by improving mineral hydration. The smell is not overpowering either, which is a big plus. The 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Scrub has a good mix of coffee grounds, coconut oil and dead sea salt. This helps fight cellulite, spider vein and stretch marks, besides other skin issues.






Essential Oil Diffuser & Essential Oils


What will make a spa day for moms more special? An Essential Oil Diffuser. Although not the prettiest, but the features truly make it stand out. This one has an adjustable mist timer and auto shut-off feature. The color can be set to any of the 14 color options or can be turned off also, if preferred. This can also hold enough water to run for 10 hours. This is tiny, but definitely more functional. No wonder it is one of the top rated on Amazon.


I also found an essential oil set to go with it since the essential oils do tend to be a little bit pricey. The Radha Beauty Aromatherapy Top 8 Essential Oils set is truly well priced for the amazing value it delivers.


Gift Baskets Full of Products

Spa Gift Sets also are a good idea. I picked some of the scents that are light, and I know most people close to me really like such as Mango Pear Spa Gift SetTropical Coconut Bath & Body Spa Gift Set, Spa Gift Basket With Lovely Pomegranate Fragrance and Pinkleaf Green Tea Argan Oil Bamboo Spa. This is just an idea and there are endless spa gift baskets options out there to try. It all depends on what is your mother’s favorite scent.

But something else that help me make my decision, other than fragrance, while buying the gift baskets are things like if the packaging can be later re-purposed. The beautiful baskets that these come in can be used for decorative purposes or even storage. Since the gift baskets are full of useful products and can be used later, this is definitely a gift that every mother needs!


Gifts Every Mother Needs- A Good Handbag…

Hand bags are also a good choice. The Large Top Handle Vegan Faux Leather would be perfect if your mother usually carries a lot of things to work. For a casual evening outing the Medium Crossbody Bag with Tassel and Medium Size Solid Modern Classic Crossbody Bag are really pretty. The Abshoo Women Clutch Purse is versatile and can be paired with a lot of different outfits.


 There is always a choice to buy a designer wallets, but the below two wallets made it to my list because of security, privacy and practicality. They can effectively block RFID electronic pickpocketing. These wallets are also big enough to carry a cell phone, many credit cards (close to 21, according to manufacturer)and keys. They are very affordable too!


Gift Every Mother Needs- Faux Fur House Slippers

And finally a good option to give some well needed comfort to your mother’s feet, gift her some faux fur slippers. The Clpp’li Faux Fur Mules Fluffy Suede Comfy Slippers are like walking on clouds. These ones are truly a gift every mother needs, especially after a long day. 


ACORN Women’s Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper are more suited for colder weather, and unlike others can be worn out of the house a tad bit. The Women Comfortable Knit Anti-Slip House Slipper is very cute and the best part is that it is washable.

What else do you think is a gift every mother needs?

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