Luxe Room Decor [On Budget]

A Luxe Room Decor idea is full of luxurious items. It does not however mean that every item needs to come with a hefty price tag! I have just the items in mind that will come in handy in giving your room a luxe makeover without breaking the bank.

Luxe Room Decor Finds [On Budget]


Luxe Room Decor does not have to break the bank. These are some budget friendly items to create your own!
Luxe Room Decor On a Budget

Items Listed in the Luxe Room Decor Finds

The Fur Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover is adorable and I love this almost champagne like color.



A good vanity set such as the SONGMICS Vanity Set is the most important part of the decor.



Add some depth to the room color with the OrganizerLogic Storage Bins.


A snuggly comfy and fluffy Tejn faux sheepskin makes the room look more glamorous.


Something like this Velvet Tufted Round Storage Ottoman  not only adds a pop of color but it is also functional. The Ottoman is sturdy and has storage space. This item is sure to last you a few years as compared to a other cheaper storage alternatives.



Modway Armchair In Laguna is beautiful and inviting. Make it look more lush by adding the a fluffy throw blanket like the one mentioned above.



Wood Wall Mounted Organizer Shelves adds some more storage and color to the room.



Add something that shows your fun side like The Best is Yet to Be Wood Plank .



The adorable 6pc Owl Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot will go beautifully at different spots in the room. On the window sill, vanity table , on the wall mounted shelves etc.



Consider adding the below items as well to add to the Luxe Room Decor vibe. Only if the budget allows.

Faux Fur Fluffy Rug


Super ShaggyVanity Chair Cover or Area Rug

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Unique Gift Ideas for Best Friend (Under $25)

Best friend is that special person who is there with you side by side in all your silly, humorous, emotional and crazy moments. The person who really gets you!. Even though this is someone everyone wants but it is not someone everyone simply gets. This is why it is important to show appreciation for this special person every chance you get. Special occasions or not, whatever is the reason for your gift, here is my list of ‘unique gift ideas for best friend’.

Unique gift ideas for best friend (Under $25)

Unique Gift Ideas For Best Friend
Unique Gift Ideas For Best Friend

We share so many secrets and even embarrassing moments with our friends. Since we know them so well, we also know what hurts them. Hair at unwanted places is unpleasantness that we women just can’t seem to get rid of enough. The pain that comes with removing hair is dreadful and the process messy. This why this Mini Travel Size 18K Gold-Plated Painless with LED Light is perfect gift idea for best friend as it removes hair painlessly and works on not just the hair on lip, but also on the peach fuzz on the cheeks.

It is also hypoallergenic and claims to keep even the most sensitive skin irritation free.

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Gifts That Every Mother Needs

Be it birthday, Christmas, anniversary, mothers day or any other occasion that matters, there is one person that I am most excited to buy a gift for- my mother! Whenever I gift something to my mother, I always want it to be special, not necessarily what is trending in fashion at the moment, that one I might save for my sister or my best friend, but it definitely has to be something that she would really use. There sure are gifts every mother needs, and here in this post I share some ideas with you that will help you buy a gift for your mother. This list is Amazon friendly and fits all occasions!

Gifts Every Mother Needs

Gifts that Mothers Really Needs

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Trendy Pullovers for Winter Styling (With Pictures)

What is the biggest part of my winter wardrobe? I will give you a hint – it is easy to style, gives off an uber comfy vibe and still makes me look okay after I have scoffed down a big warm meal! I just had to write that one given how many festivities we attend during the winter months.. okay, so here is my handpicked pullover collection for this season, that covers a variety in terms of style- the ruffled sleeves, turtlenecks, off-shoulder, one-shoulder etc..


Trendy Pullovers for Winter Styling (With Pictures)

All the pullover styles you need for winter- Ruffled Sleeves, Turtlenecks, Boho sleeves, chunky...
Pullovers Trending
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Best Gift Ideas for Teens [All Budgets]

Do you think it get’s difficult every year to come up with gift ideas for your near and dear ones, especially the teens? I’ll help you move over the typical gift ideas -picture frames, itunes gift card, T-shirt, expensive gadgets such as iPhones etc. Here is your list of cool and fun gift ideas for teens that is bound to impress them!

Best Gift Ideas For Teens (Fits Every Budget)

With the sea of iPhone chargers out there, set your charger apart with  iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set ! these catchy vinyl labels are so much and perfect for all the teens out there who love iPhones. And, I believe, there aren’t many that don’t love an iPhone.

iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set
iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set

A package has 4 characters, each with precision die-cut labels for an adapter, a USB cord (both ends, of course), and earphones. The sturdy, UV-coated vinyl labels are easy to remove and reapply.

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Faux Leather Jackets for Every Style- Expensive to Affordable [With Pictures]

A leather jacket or a faux leather jacket is an essential wardrobe piece. Sky is the limit when it comes to buying one that is – a classic piece or a momentary style obsession! As usual, I bring to your attention my style finds for your next faux leather jacket/ jackets inspiration.

The ‘Must Have’ Faux Leather Jackets Have Arrived


Brown Leather Jacket
Bernardo Kerwin Pocket Detail Leather Jacket

The fit on this Bernardo Kerwin Pocket Detail Leather Jacket is flattering. It does not give off a baggy look. The rich color is also very alluring, perfect for fall/ winter. This is not only a petite faux leather moto jacket, it is also available in regular size.

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Best Plaid Scarves 2017 [Pictures]

Plaid is the hottest trend of this season. So it is no wonder that the tartan pattern trend has caught my eye as well. I still do love my single color scarves but I am really too tempted by all these different plaid scarves. The patterns and colors draw attention to the winter outfits, that otherwise, sometimes, can seem pretty monotone with respect to color schemes.

Plaid Scarves Winter 2017

Pretty Plaid Pop of Color

These ones are pretty similar if you think about the pattern but the play of colors make them interesting to the eye. These all add something interesting to these outfits. There is something about the plaid pattern with darker colors that makes them seem so warm, or is it just me? The Chicnico Soft Multicolor Plaid Scarf is soft but still adds a richness to the simple black and white outfit. The Chicnico Ava Scarf gives off a more rugged look. The Nordstrom Plaid Scarf is a vibrant with it’s deep and light mix of colors.

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Top 11 Burgundy Shoes to Fire Up Your Winter Wear

Shoes are one of the most, if not the most, important accessory to make your outfit pop! With change in season comes different styles, different colors and trending designs, and who can really stop themselves from indulging a little bit as the latest trends catch the eye at every corner!As I begin to drool (not visibly, thank god!) over the newest burgundy shoes for this Winter 2017, I present to you …drum-roll…10 of my faves from what I am seeing so far and would love to stick my feet in (only this time, literally)!

Here Are My Top 11 Burgundy Shoes Picks to Fire Up Your Winter Outfits

Top 11 Burgundy Obsession Shoe Finds Winter 2017

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Tips to Save Money Fast- Read On!

Love that these tips to Save Money Fast don't make me feel so restricted in life. These tips are really simple to follow for anyone who is learning to save money.
Ways to Save Money Fast

All the tips below are what I use in my daily life to save money fast and feel in control of my finances. I hope all these tips help you meet your financial goals. I will suggest following one or two of these to begin with if it seems very overwhelming at the moment and you are just starting out. But do not skip the number one – Budgeting!

Budgeting is your friend For Life

I am not the first person or the last to say that. This should be taught in school or by all parents to their children. There is a different type of unearthly satisfaction that budgeting brings when you know you are in total control of your finances.

If you are not budgeting already then follow my beginner tips to get you acquainted with this essential money saver. Without budgeting it is difficult to have an overlook of your finances and that is one of the biggest roadblocks in helping you save money fast.

First try to find out where you are spending your money. That could be from magazine subscriptions, makeup box subscriptions, starbucks habit, gym membership that you only end up using maybe two times a week (like me) etc.

Create an excel for a month recording every little expense you made. (This does not need to a very fancy one, just follow the steps below).

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The Most Ingenious Ways to Multiply Cash Backs

This is the only way to make sure I get all the cash back possible for every dollar I spend on food, entertainment or shopping. I will use these tips every time I shop now.
The most ingenious ways to multiply your cash backs

Cash back deals are everywhere from grocery deals to clothes and even over-the counter- medicine. But is the cash back you get on these deals, really is the maximum you can get back?

After reading this article you would know exactly how to ace the cash back game by multiplying cash backs through various sites/ apps. So read on..

The cash back sites are all into what is called an ‘Affiliate Network’, that means these sites take advantage of the commissions offered by several retailers for  driving traffic to their websites or stores. Some of these affiliate sites share commissions with their users in the form of cash backs for using their website to shop at the affiliate retailers.

Now that you may (or may not) have an idea about where I am going with this. These tips below are sure to bring more cash back to your wallets…or purses!

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